Class Schedule

Our Accelerator and Masterclass run in tandem with each other, several times a year. Check our next schedule frequently.

the Class Schedule

The Masterclass is an intensive course that takes you through 12 weeks of intensive learning, review and preparation for the live demo experience at the end of the class. This coursework is designed to give you time to study, prepare and record your work in a time-effective way.

Study & Learn

Approx. 4 weeks

During this phase you will dig into the Masterclass lessons at your own pace, completing 17 modules with over nine hours of video. Helpful assistance documents and excerpts are available if you need them. If you are a part of a class, you can also ask questions to the class or directly to Chris Thomas.


Approx. 4 weeks

During this phase, you get to create a score for a film! These 30 days will help you prepare a score, have it reviewed by your classmates and composition teacher, and present the final piece to a professional orchestrator.


Approx. 2 weeks

Your work is off to the orchestrator and copyist. Some questions may come your way during this part of the project as far as instruments and textures, but you get to see the cogs on a well oiled machine take off and your score will be ready for recording with a live Los Angeles based orchestra.

Recording Week

Approx. 1 week

Your work will be scheduled during this time. We will book a session with an orchestra in Los Angeles supervised by our composition team. You are welcome to join this session alongside Chris Thomas. It will also be filmed so you will have a perfect piece to add to your portfolio.

Mix & Master

Approx. 1 week

Our award-winning mixing team, who has worked for Hans Zimmer, Randy Newman and Michael Giacchino, will bring your work to life to make it sound Hollywood ready. The final product will shortly follow.

Deliver & Celebrate

Congratulations! Not only have you finished your first Hollywood-level film score, but you’ve learned a huge amount about scoring for film. Join our esteemed alumni and continue to learn as we add new content, gain tools to help you get established in scoring for film, access to multimedia, games, and more!

Hear what others have to say...

"Chris transformed my approach to film scoring, guided me along the path of embracing my authentic musical voice, and helped open doors of opportunity to success and fulfillment in this industry. I can't recommend this course enough!"
- Grace M.
"This course totally changed the way I look at film music. The idea that a film composer is the primary narrator of the story and that the music is the best way the audience can see into characters' heads is really instrumental to the way I write.
- Maria K.

Learn From The Worlds Brightest

You might be wondering, who is Chris Thomas?

Chris is a film composer with work featured in Emmy-nominated films, theme parks, ABS, FOX, HBO, and CBS. He worked with Hollywood stars such as Kathy Bates, Samuel L. Jackson, Bob Odenkirk, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny Trejo, Rico Rodriguez, Luke Perry, and Zoe Bell. Chris’s scores were performed at Carnegie Hall, the Sydney Opera House, and the Hollywood Bowl.

In 2020, Chris won the Hollywood Music In Media Award (short film) for his role with Imagine Symphony Live. He was also a speaker at TedxBend.​ He will share his knowledge on what does and doesn’t work when scoring in the world of film.

Ready to change the course of your career as a composer?

About the Masterclass

Engage with over 17 Lessons and nine hours of professional film scoring material. A total of nine hours of video teaching where you get to go at your own pace. Gain access to a discount for the Next Live Demo Class. Collaborate with other creatives in the film composing field to try new ideas and discuss the lessons.

In this course, you will learn the tools and methods to transform your composition into a score that wows filmmakers, producers, and project stakeholders.