How the Program Works

Starting Commitment (Free) - Masterclass

  • Entire Masterclass lesson experience.

  • First half of the Composition Period.

  • Develop your work on your own schedule while learning content.

  • Free access to the Masterclass for up to six weeks. You may purchase the Masterclass for a one-time fee of $199 to have access to the course forever.

Full Commitment (Paid) Accelerator

  • Accelerator portion of the class.
  • Los Angeles based 20-person live recording session.
  • Professional orchestration, copyist, and mixer team.
  • Professionally mastered and mixed final score files.
  • Professional score development and review.
  • Full rights to your finished work.
  • HD filming of recording session.
Cancellation Policy
  • The Starting Commitment (Free) Masterclass is free for up to six weeks after you register.
  • If you wish to only retain access to the Masterclass for longer than six weeks, you can make a payment of $199 to have access to the course forever.
  • If after purchasing the Full Commitment (Paid) Accelerator and your plans change, you have several options:
    • If you cancel prior to the Orchestration due date cut-off, 80% of the Accelerator purchase will be refunded.
    • Once the Orchestration Period begins, cancellation is no longer possible as we’ve booked the live recording session. If another student is able to replace your seat, you can substitute your seat at no additional cost. The person replacing your seat will need to pay you directly to take your seat.

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