Smith Ready Recording

If you are looking to compose a mock-up or demo for your next project, and you want the best musicians, recording, and stage environment, but want the savings of scale, this might be the right program for you.

What is Smith Ready Recording?

Smith Ready Recording allows a composer to record per-minute demo’s on Hollywood stages*, with top musicians and talent at bulk discount rates. This program could be really compelling if you are looking to get access to the best musicians and stage if you want to dress up a demo for that big pitch.



The Power of the Group


Typically, to convince a high-end stage and a large group of musicians to show up to your recording session, you need to commit to minimums. With our program, we bulk up the stage for you, so you can get the premium sound for your recording session without having to fork up the normally very high premiums. This can be great for convincing producers that you have the experience of working with a professional group!

Recording Session

Be Ready For Any Project With More Services

Short Film

Have an amazing short film that needs a fitting score? Record with us! We'll talk through the best practices and how to go about rights.

Demo Reel

Need that demo reel to have an amazing opening track (and closing track if need be)? Let's record a world-class demonstration of your abilities!


Got a killer mockup that needs a layer of live, powerful orchestration? Let's track the live parts and do a hybrid mix!

On Demand Services

Anything that you need to develop your score, on demand. If you land that big project but need the support, we can operate behind the scenes.

Questions About Smith Ready Recording

You submit a completed composition, with the score finalized. We will record, mix&master, and organize all the logistics for you, and submit the final recording file.

Costs are based per minute of finished music. The pricing will range depending on the number of musicians and special requirements in the score.

We require a finished score, with all parts produced and ready for the orchestra to play. 

Alternatively, if you wish to have help with some of these services, we can offer an all inclusive education experience with the Film Accelerator.

Recordings occur at several stages, in Hollywood. A common stage could be EastWest Studio A, B. We encourage filming and pictures of your score being filmed to score.

This program is demand based; if we have more recordings to book, we can book them more often. Most likely, we target quarterly with the Film Accelerator Program.

We typically book 20-30 musicians during our accelerator periods, and you can bring in soloists or new instrumentalists on a per musician basis, or use the base set we have.

If you fit the prerequisite requirements to conduct and write the peice, we encourage it!

We can schedule a recording session for your piece, however, due to musician union contracts we would need to assess your project individually.

Fast Track Recording allows a composer to record per-minute demo’s on Hollywood stages*, with top musicians and talent at bulk discount rates. What else could you want?

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